Oxford Brookes University will once again be present at this year's Cowley Road Carnival- Sunday 2nd July, 2017 

The Cowley Road Carnival is an important part of community engagement at Oxford Brookes. As well as offering a platform to promote the University in a positive way, it provide an opportunity to connect with local neighbours face-to-face, especially in the East Oxford area where thousands of students choose to live, integrate and enjoy being part of this special area of Oxford.

The activities aim to support a neighbourhood that is home to many of our students, to remind residents that we are an active and responsible neighbour through our profile in the Cowley Road Carnival materials and events. We also hope to offer students opportunities in a major cultural event in Oxford, and to benefit other activities.

The theme for this year's Cowley Road Carnival is- Industry and Technology.

So we'd love it if you could save the date- Sunday 2nd July- to pop along on the day, join in, have fun and even consider volunteering for this year's special event.


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