Good Morning BBC Oxford

Our lovely Luiza and Gary were invited by BBC Oxford this past week to share their experiences of being involved in Cowley Road Carnival [CRC] as Brookes volunteers and community members! We are going to give you a snapshot summary of what they talked about. If you’d like to listen to the whole story, you can click on our link and listen to the interview (2:26:58)!
 First and foremost, Luiza and Gary spoke about volunteering at CRC and why someone [ students in particular] would volunteer.
  •  Develop a passion for philanthropy causes which makes it personally rewarding
  •  Acquire new skills
  •  Meet new people
  • Gain a behind the scenes perspective of CRC

Next, our volunteers discussed why they enjoy volunteering with Brookes.
  • Brings together people from different courses, areas of Oxford, and professions
  • Celebrates cultural diversity
  • Brookes provides a lot of opportunities and makes volunteering easy and fun
  • Energetic and positive team to work with 

Finally, the role of the carnival for the community was highlighted.
  • Unites different members of the community such as the students, residents, and local businesses
  • Raises awareness of various organisations and charities within the area
  • Gives an opportunity to engage with different communities and taste cuisines from around the world by walking down one street
  • Starts the summer on a positive note giving an energizing aura to those who enjoy the carnival regardless of their role


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