Attention, please! Musicians in the Brookes Zone

The young and exuberant gig will perform various musical compositions for Carnival visitors who are curious to see the Brookes Zone this year! Our alumni of the Faculty of Music, Luke Tucker, together with other talented musicians are going to bring inspiration to all those who are going to be with us on the 2nd of July.

The performers have rich past and vibrant present. The musicians will not only perform in the Brookes zone, but will also join in the procession!

As you might know, the theme of the Carnival this year is Technology. No doubt, digital novelties have influenced the way music is performed and composed. However, one thing remains constant and that is the power of music to transcend cultural boundaries which is especially relevant for such culturally diverse community as Oxford community. So, you are very welcome to come and listen to our talented musicians play! 


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