Carnival Celebrations!!!

After a whole month of rigorous preparation all the volunteers from Brookes were excitedly looking forward to spending the day down on Cowley Road for this years carnival.

We were specially proud of sponsoring the event and presenting "Martie" our robot as the University's mascot for the day

During the carnival, the atmosphere was simply amazing. The main Brookes zone was set up in different areas: the Infozone, Kids zone, Industry zone, Community Zone, Technology Zone and Brookes Sport Zone.

Many children including their parents took part in various activities such as creating mortar boards and robot finger puppets,  word Hunt, wheel of fortune, as well as meeting Artie our life-sized humanoid robot that you can control and interact with. 

The most popular activities were the face painting station, where at one time 3 painters were busy painting countless faces. Even the adults participated in this as they got into the carnival vibe and loved getting bright colours painted on their faces.

The giveaways were also a hit at CRC: USB sticks, pens,key rings, Activity Pack for children, magnets and much more. 

At 12.30 the process begun, Oxford Brookes University presented Martie, formula car, Nick our stilt graduate and our human robots. 

We are genuinely grateful to our volunteers. More than 60 people, who form a part of the Brookes University family, have shown their effort and enthusiasm to make Brookes at the Cowley Road Carnival an unforgettable and very special. 

Watch our video to find out more of the days events


  1. This place is clean and has nice ambiance, more like modern than classic. Our visit was just amazing. I believe it was a treat to be at home studios NYC here. It would be a treat to attend another event here.


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